I'm no longer old for my age, I'm just old

Georgia's the name. Lets not make a joke about it.
Shamelessly promoting myself because I take pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/needsheryang/
20 New York City kid, music editor of Loomings, photojournalist, enneagram type 5, Pokemon fanatic, trained pianist for 14 years and a Libra.
There, a very long run on sentence describing anything worth knowing about me.
I'll take your pictures, I'll watch anime with you, I will cuddle with ya but don't ask me to play you a sonata.
I think I covered the basics.

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Got a pretty cactus at work today. I’m naming her Katie because @karmavocado. #prettylady #cactus #pink #thereisnowayicanthis

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